Ginkgo reflects the autumn scenery and warms the campus -- A visit to Guangdong Huasheng Pingtian Middle School in Nanxiong, Shaoguan on November 15

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On November 15, representatives of company leaders and management cadres went to "Guangdong Huasheng Pingtian Middle School" in Nanxiongpingtian Town of Shaoguan to carry out the school teachers and students' visiting activity. After more than 5 hours' journey, the visiting delegates finally arrived at Pingtian Middle School. It was the time for the school to hold its annual sports meeting. The campus was full of joy and excitement. Ginkgo trees can be seen everywhere, shining in the autumn, particularly dazzling.


(Picture 1: Company representative and school representative take a photo)

The visiting delegates, accompanied by the school principal and a number of distinguished school officials, first visited the school, including the classrooms, library, dormitory building, basketball court, campus bulletin board and so on. Ping Tian Zhongxue donor for the first time since 2008, we invested to build has for 11 years, after 11 years of construction, the campus has been earth-shaking changes, once the clay brick adobe has now become a brand new building, supporting facilities for the teaching and student life constantly improve, the company are gratified that lead to the change of the school, a compliment to improve school running environment.


(Figure 2: Company representative visiting campus publicity board)

Then, visit the delegates and excellent cadre school all teachers and student representatives held seminars, symposium, the principal Ye Shusheng on behalf of the school for the visit of the company on behalf of a line to extend our warm welcome and leaves the principal to report back to the company representatives visiting the school in recent years, school grades, and the company has always been to give support to the school said very grateful. Company leader Liu Fully affirmed the pingtian Middle school in the past few years of abundant teaching achievements, in the past ten years in the joint efforts of the school leadership, the school gradually expanded, sound, development and teaching quality improved year by year, expressed heartfelt praise; Manager Liu said that the company will do its best to support the development of the school as always, and hopes that the school will unite as one and build "Guangdong Huasheng Pingtian Middle School" into the most outstanding middle school in Nanxiong City.


(FIG. 3: Company representatives and school officials holding a forum)

At the meeting, the representatives of the company gave the school a variety of home appliances, books, stationery and other consolation goods and money, while the school gave the company a gold banner in return; Then, accompanying the company leader Lin awarded the scholarship to the school's outstanding student representatives, and encouraged the students to study hard, and strive to become an outstanding pillar of society in the future, to make more contributions to my hometown! The student representatives presented handmade gifts to the company representatives and sent their best wishes.


(FIG. 4: Company representative donates materials to the school)


(Photo 5: The school gives the company a gold flag in return)

Courage to lose sight of the parting moment, looking at "polite lively simple shy students face difficult mask, and characteristic of the mountainous area children face with childlike weathered, let people's love, I wish ping Tian Zhongxue as they develop a strong wings, at the same time, we also sincerely wish this mountains of school, teaching team in plain hard work efforts, brilliant performance year after year, year plum fragrance.


(Figure 6: News of Ping Tin Secondary School's 2019 High School Entrance Examination)


(Photo 7: Company representative and school representative take a photo)


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