Wasung carries out the knowledge promotion of COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control

  • 时间: 2020-07-29
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In order to further guide the company personnel will be coronavirus pneumonia, to improve the safety awareness and improve the prevention and control of epidemic diseases, prevention ability, promote the epidemic prevention and control work in accordance with the law, in order to carry out, on February 11th morning, the company invited, shunde district, foshan city, the second people's hospital of a medical doctor along, the company project to preach COVID - 19 prevention and control knowledge, company management cadres at all levels more than twenty people attended the preaching.


(Figure 1: CoVID-19 epidemic prevention and control knowledge presentation scene)

At the lecture meeting, Dr. Cao explained to everyone what is the novel coronavirus, virus infection clinical performance and how to effectively prevent and other aspects made a detailed list. It also explained the types of masks, how to properly wear masks and the steps of the "seven-step washing technique", and put forward some guiding opinions on the company's shortcomings in epidemic prevention. Finally, Dr. Cao answered the questions raised by cadres at all levels in the epidemic prevention work.


(Figure 2: Dr. Cao An from The Second People's Hospital of Shunde District preaching about coVID-19 prevention and control)


(Figure 3: Student's question)


(Figure 4: Dr Cao an answers the students' questions)

Control the spread of disease, each of us has a legal responsibility, through the preaching of the cadres at all levels to will be coronavirus and epidemic prevention efforts have more understanding, also deeply realize the importance of prevention and control, as the company's management of cadres, we must firm faith, science, epidemic prevention, precise ShiCe, and will be coronavirus and epidemic prevention work to convey to the under all levels of employees, improve the prevention consciousness, supervision and guidance to do a good job of epidemic prevention, control group control firmly win the epidemic war.


(Figure 5: Dr. Cao gives guidance on the deficiencies in epidemic prevention)


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