Share glory and create more glory -- the 2019 annual summary and 2020 annual responsibility index signing conference of our company was successfully held

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On January 10, 2020, the 2019 annual summary and 2020 annual responsibility index signing conference of Guangdong Huasheng Electric Appliance Industry Co., Ltd. was held grandly in the training room on the 7th floor of the company's R&D building. More than 100 senior leaders, management cadres at all levels, prize-winning individuals, prize-winning team representatives and staff representatives attended this meeting.


15:00 PM sharp, the conference in the passionate music opened the curtain. At the meeting, Yi Yulin, director of general Management Office, summarized the overall situation of the excellent work in 2019 and introduced the award results one by one. Then, the board of directors, leaders of the company's management level and representatives of department managers presented pennant, cup and bonus to the winners and individuals to commend and encourage them.

In the past year of 2019, under the guidance of the board of directors, under the correct leadership of the management level of the company, and with the joint efforts of all employees of all departments, the company has achieved excellent results in 2019 and made greater progress than in 2018. During this process, a large number of excellent teams and advanced individuals have emerged in the company. Eleven outstanding teams and 51 advanced individuals were honored at this conference.

(Some award-winning employees)

After the awards, winning by advanced individual and team representatives came to power, various advanced represent in their speech to share their work experience, and said to cherish the honor, to obtain the honor as a new starting point, in the future work to make a contribution, again, for the development of hua sheng electronic contribute an own strength.

Subsequently, a meeting was held to sign the 2020 annual indicators, summarize the 2019 work and plan the 2020 annual work, which was attended by the board of directors, the company's management and management cadres at or above the executive level. At the meeting, the company's general manager and the board of directors signed the company's business objectives, the management leaders signed the company's management indicators with the general manager, and the department heads signed the annual budget indicators and KPI indicators with the management leaders. To ensure the effective achievement of annual targets, the corporate responsibility index can be decomposed layer by layer.


Index sign after the meeting, the general manager xie speech always do the work summary and plan, total points out that the market environment continues to weaken in 2019, the company all cadres in under the right of the board of directors, employees in the company directs the work of "open source throttling authors, increase efficiency" policy under the guidance, in the tireless efforts of all staff, the unity cooperation, innovation, accomplished the annual business objectives. In addition, it is proposed that the company will carry out various work centering on "two core, two measures and ten key points" in 2020, requiring cadres and employees at all levels to turn pressure into motivation, make concerted efforts and cooperate with each other, and strive to achieve the 2020 annual business target.


At the end of the meeting, Luo Dong put forward the New Year's hope to the staff. Luo Dong first affirmed the company in the last year in the market environment of competitive incentives to achieve gratifying results, inseparable from the hard work and dedication of cadres and employees at all levels. As for 2020, Luo Dong put forward several requirements for cadres at all levels present, such as continuously consolidating the market position, improving the operation level, and maintaining the integrity of management cadres. In the face of the difficult market environment, I hope that all of you can overcome the pressure, make persistent efforts, unite as one, and strive for better achievements.


The congress ended in applause, ushering in a year full of achievements and ushering in a year full of promise. 2019, we share the glory, 2020, we join hands, the New Year, we continue to use wisdom and talent to create more brilliant chapter!

I wish all staff a happy New Year, a happy family, good health and good luck in everything!



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