Long Zhongying, director of Ronggui Sub-district office of Shunde District, visited Huasheng Electric Appliance

  • 时间: 2020-07-29
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At 15:40 on February 18, 2019, Long Zhongying, deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee and director of the office of Ronggui Street, Shunde District, Foshan city, and his delegation came to our company for inspection and guidance. Luo Dong, Feng Dong, General Manager Xie Zong and other company leaders warmly received and participated in the discussion.


First of all, Luo Dong extended a warm welcome to Director Long and his team, and thanked the Ronggui Sub-district Office for its continuous support to the development of the company. Then President Xie introduced the development of the company in 2018 and the company's plan for 2019.

Director Long fully affirmed the achievements of our company and thanked Huasheng Electric for its contribution to the economic development of Ronggui. He also inquired about the rework of employees, company orders and matters needing government assistance. After that, Director Long and company leaders had an in-depth discussion on the matters needing assistance of the enterprise.


At the symposium, Director Long introduced the development plan of Ronggui in 2019, hoping to provide enterprises with more comprehensive government services through the joint efforts of government and enterprise, create a better business environment, and effectively help enterprises to grow bigger and stronger in Ronggui.


Luo Dong put forward Suggestions on the development of Ronggui, and also said that While promoting the development of enterprises, Huasheng Electric will continue to make more contributions to the economic and social development of Ronggui to achieve a win-win situation.


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