29 2020-07

Causes the aviation plug connector to insert the needle inside the socket does not plating gold question is which several aspects after all?

The color of the gold-plated layer of the pin jack of the aviation plug connector is inconsistent with the normal color of the gold layer. When the thickness of the outer surface of the plating exceeds the specified value after the gold-plated process of the pin or jack is completed, the coating of the inner hole of the welding hole or jack is very thin or even without the gold layer. Then, the reasons for the problems are as follows:

29 2020-07

Gree Haier and other home appliance giants returned to work, and Midea had 83,000 attendance

On February 20, Midea Group announced: up to now, 33 production bases in China have all resumed work except hubei province. Among them, Shunde factory, the headquarters of Midea Group, was the first to start the battle to resume work and production. Meanwhile, the company is coordinating with the Government of Jingzhou City, Hubei Province to actively promote the resumption of work on February 21. Midea said that none of the 83,000 employees who returned to work had been confirmed and that the aim was to basically resume normal production by the end of February.

29 2020-07

Research on plug Industry in 2020

The main core research contents of the report Hall on the plug industry are as follows:
1. General environmental information of the plug industry
According to THE PEST analysis model and industry research experience, the economic environment of the plug industry at home and abroad is thoroughly analyzed, and the policies and relevant supporting trends of the plug industry are analyzed.

29 2020-07

Cable fraud bottom four: eliminate the need for multiple pipes

Cable enterprises need reasonable profits, users need to save costs, cable enterprises must prevent fraud, users must stop buying fake, to achieve this ideal market condition is to achieve the premise of the product "reasonable price".

28 2020-07

Overview of wire and cable identification techniques

General identification techniques for wires and cables include:
1. Improve the awareness of brand identification, and choose and buy cables with regular brand identification. The cable package is usually marked with brand or manufacturer, address, contact information, 3C certification number and quality commitment card, etc.


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