Guangdong Huasheng Electric Appliance Industry Co., LTD held the "2019 Fire Drill"

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In June is the 18th "safe production month", on June 27th afternoon, company committee organization factory all staff in the factory area held in "risk prevention, in addition to the hidden danger, deterring accidents" as the theme of "fire drill 2019" activities, activities designed to improve the fire safety consciousness and orderly fire escape skills, improve the overall collective strain capacity and processing capacity of emergency fire, to prevent and reduce the fire damage, master more self-help, escape and extinguishing methods, guide the proper use of fire equipment, employees to achieve fire safety issue, the purpose of the nip in the bud. This activity also invited the leaders of the emergency response office and the police squadron in charge of the Huakou district sheriff and a group of seven people to observe and guide the work.

This drill is divided into three projects: "evacuation of personnel", "rescue and rescue of trapped wounded" and "practical operation training of fire-fighting equipment for all personnel". Ticket is points, as the company fire alarm system, and the official start of the exercise, in under the command of the commander in chief committee director WuCaiZhen, each group member, group evacuation quickly and orderly organization personnel from each set safety exit to the front of the office building area, then the head count, counting process trapped the scene of the fire an employee found in workshop, commander immediately ordered search and rescue mission, order maintenance fire-fighting team returned to the scene quickly screening and smoothly to rescue trapped personnel, medical aid groups to stop bleeding, bandage, shipping, etc. The whole process was orderly. Afterwards, all the staff participated in the practical operation training of fire extinguishing with dry powder fire extinguisher. By using dry powder fire extinguisher to control fire and extinguish burning objects, the practical operation exercise of fire extinguisher was successfully completed.


(Figure 1: Evacuation team guides employees to evacuate quickly from a safe passage)


(Figure 2: Rescue of trapped wounded)


(FIG. 3: Fire extinguisher practice exercise)

After the drill, the leaders of the emergency management office of the jurisdiction made comments on the drill and gave guidance on the deficiencies in the process of the drill. Wu Caizhen, director of the safety Committee, stressed in the summary of the exercise: "The real significance of the plan is to minimize the losses as quickly as possible in the event of an emergency. Fire safety is the top priority in enterprise safety production management. Every employee must have fire safety awareness in daily work, master necessary fire safety knowledge and skills, actively check and eliminate all kinds of fire safety hidden dangers around, put an end to all fire safety accidents, and ensure enterprise safety production.


(Figure 4: Comments by the leaders of the Emergency Response Office of the district)


(Figure 5: Summary of fire drill)

Through this fire drill, the fire safety awareness and fire fighting ability of the staff have been enhanced, and they have a deeper understanding of fire safety knowledge, and the ability to respond to fire has also been improved. At the same time, it also trained the organization ability, command ability and strain ability of the responsible person of each department and workshop, which laid a solid foundation for the construction of the company's safe production.


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