Guangdong Huasheng Electrical MES project was officially launched

  • 时间: 2020-07-29
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At 14:00 on August 22nd, the MES project launch conference of Huasheng Electric Appliance was held in the conference room on the 7th floor of the R&D building of the main factory. About 60 people, including General manager Xie Jizhu, company leaders, heads of various departments, cadres in charge and MES team members, attended the launch meeting. The convening of the meeting marked the realization of great strides in the informatization of Huasheng Electric appliances.


At the meeting, Wu Fabing, the project leader of the company, expounded the background and purpose of the introduction of this project, and demonstrated the changes MES would bring to our daily work, including material traceability, quality control, production management, inventory management, etc., which would improve production efficiency and quickly respond to customer demands.


Subsequently, Yi Junwei, project manager of Shenzhen Hualeixuntuo Technology Co., Ltd. explained the project content and implementation plan, and said he would do his best to ensure the successful implementation of the project.


At the end of the meeting, Mr. Tang, the executive director of Shenzhen Hualeixuntuo Technology Co., Ltd. said that hualei team would provide talents and technical support to do the project well. At the same time, he hoped that both sides would cooperate sincerely in the process of the project to ensure the effectiveness of resources and jointly guarantee the implementation of the project.


Company general manager xie total, said the company after 20 years of rapid development, has formed a complete industrial chain, in order to constantly improve the company's comprehensive strength and core competitiveness, achieve the goal of become bigger and stronger, the company gradually transition to a refinement, digital, information management, company MES project started, is not only the fierce market competition, is also in order to meet the needs of the development of the company in the new era, to enhance corporate management level, continue to lead the industry, maintaining advanced nature is of great significance. It also emphasizes that promoting information technology is an important part of the company's work to reduce cost and increase efficiency, and is an important decision of the company. Departments at all levels are required to attach great importance to and fully cooperate with the project implementation to ensure the timely and high-quality completion of the project.


I wish the MES project smooth implementation!


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