Rong GUI Street office director Long Zhongying led the joint law enforcement team to our company for inspection

  • 时间: 2020-07-29
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On the morning of November 2nd, Long Zhongying, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of Ronggui Street and director of the office, organized the members of the two committees of safety supervision, environmental protection, fire control, public security, urban management, land and urban construction and related communities (villages) to conduct joint law enforcement inspection on our company. Liu Shiming, deputy general manager of the company, Wu Caizhen, director of the security committee, and relevant management personnel attended the inspection.


Long Zhongying comrades and related law enforcement inspection group personnel Liu Shiming seriously listened to the vice general manager of our company's production safety, fire safety, environmental protection management report, then team a line according to their respective functions, responsibilities, for the company to conduct a comprehensive inspection, at the same time in accordance with the industry and trade enterprise limited space homework law enforcement inspection table "related content, focus on our limited space in the workplaces where special inspection, and the lack of found in the inspection of our proposed rectification requirements.

In view of the problems pointed out by the joint law enforcement inspection team on site, our company will carry out a comprehensive investigation based on the internal reality, and quickly implement the rectification, to further ensure the safety of the enterprise production.


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