Chairman Speech

    The New Year's bell is about to ring, and the wheel of time has left a deep imprint. Bathed in the winter’s warm sun, the 2013 year has already come to us. At the beautiful moments of this new year, on behalf of the board of directors of the company, I would like to express my sincere greetings and heartfelt thanks to all of the staff who worked hard for the company's development over the past year, also extend new year greetings to your family!
    Golden dragon left the past year, the silver snake report spring. In the nervous, intricate but orderly working process, we had past an extraordinary year. Over the past year, we had used full of spirit and passion for the working attitude and solid working style, grasped the opportunity to forge ahead in unity. Through the joint efforts of all the company’s staff, we are successful to be a listing of the company, which become a landmark year in the development history of the company.
    In the past year, the company further reinforce the cooperation with domestic strategic customers, further expand the overseas market, and more closer strategic cooperation & common development with well-known foreign brand customers; The Yangzhou branch’s production capacity further bring into play, the company’s competitiveness constantly be enhanced, all of condition laid a solid and good foundation for long-term development of the company's future and leap.
    The company already pulled into the fast lane of the listed companies. Stand on a higher position, we must seize the opportunity and face to the challenge. Facing up to the environmental changes in the field of external macro-industry and industry rules, be prepared for danger in times of stable, pragmatic innovation, unite with one heart and one mind, to intensify efforts to develop high-end customers, effective optimized customer structure, accelerate the development of new customers, new products; Insisting on market-oriented, customer-centric, adhere to work in accordance with the management ideas of "specialization, standardization, differentiation", save costs, improve internal management, consolidate the company’s professional leadership, build WASUNG brand,  forward towards the strategic objectives of the international household appliance industry’ quality supplier !
    God bless WASUNG, time and tide not wait for us; Long way to go, tempering the front line! I would like to encourage each other for all the company’s staff..
    Wish all of the staff a Happy New Year! Happy for your family! Happy and healthy!